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Mar 23, 2023

This week, Elissa Taub, partner at Siskind Susser joins host, Ericka Adler, on the #HealthLawHotSpot for an important discussion focused on immigration issues that arise for physicians and their employers.  Elissa explains her role in advising healthcare professionals and employers on all aspects of the immigration process.  She then outlines the visas that physicians require to study and work in the United States and what they need to think about as their student visa status comes to an end and they start looking for employment. Ericka and Elissa also talk in depth about the ability of employers to sponsor physicians, the waivers needed and the importance of talking to an immigration lawyer early in the process.  Finally, the podcast covers some of unique challenges that immigrant physicians face with their employers and what the physician immigration path might look like in the years to come.