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Feb 9, 2023

Do you want to start a traditional or concierge medical practice?  What are the steps you need to take? Host, Ericka Adler, of the #HealthLawHotSpot sits down with Jason Fiske from PBC Advisors and Betsy Drake Noxon from Drake & Co. to discuss the financial, legal and operational questions to consider when starting a medical practice and how to choose between available practice design and structure.  Ericka, Jason and Betsy provide tips and real word experience in guiding physicians to think through big picture questions: What type of new practice best meets the physician’s personal goals and lifestyle choices?  What does a physician need to think about when leaving their current practice and how can it impact the new practice?  How much time is needed  to start a new practice and what are some of the planning steps to consider? What type of entity should a physician choose and why?   What are the key differences in structuring a concierge practice financially and operationally? What are the common mistakes that physicians starting a new practice tend to make?   Join the #HealthLawHotSpot as the team takes on these questions and many more!