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Mar 14, 2024

Join host Ericka Adler as she welcomes new Roetzel partner Jonna Eimer on the #HealthLawHotSpot, to discuss the ins and outs of Management Service Organizations (MSOs). Learn what MSOs are, the types of professions that utilize them, and why they are essential for non-licensed professionals seeking entry into the healthcare industry. Ericka and Jonna delve into the topic of the corporate practice of medicine and how MSOs help non-healthcare entities navigate the legal hurdles. They explain the distinct roles of licensed providers in clinical matters and management entities in non-clinical aspects, such as HR, billing, and compliance. Discover how professional entities operate and pay management fees, and the strict regulations surrounding these fees. They also highlight the unique benefits of MSOs and emphasize the importance of adhering to state and federal laws when employing this model. Tune in as Ericka and Jonna share real-world examples showcasing the different considerations and documentation required for various types of practices seeking to establish MSOs, providing valuable insights into the complexities and potential risks involved.